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We are an independent website that aim to help you save time and avoid the frustrating experience of trying to contact any customer care number of the most popular companies in the UK. We want to help you find the right person to speak to, resolve any potential issues or submit a complaint, quick and simple.
How it works
How it works 1
Get a company on the phone faster, hassle free and get better help. We can assist you to resolve any potential issues with many companies.
How it works 2
Read the tips below carefully, they will help you to get through your call quicker and more efficiently.
How it works 3
Make sure you have all the necessary information at hand that might be needed to resolve you query.
Customer Service Tips
Below you can find some tips that will assist you to use most customer service numbers the most efficient way:
  • Allow yourself enough time to complete the call and don’t rush through it or need to end it before you have received all your answers.
  • Make sure you have pen and paper ready in case you need to keep notes, otherwise you will have to find them while you are on the call.
  • Make sure you have your questions ready; this will help you to resolve your matter quicker and not forget any important questions.
  • Make sure you have any reference numbers ready, that will help the agent to find the relevant information quicker.
  • In cases you want to pay something while on the call, make sure you have your bank card available.
  • If you are calling from a mobile make sure you have good signal reception, so the call doesn’t cut off and you need to call back and repeat your query to another agent.
  • If the company you have called use an IVR system and ask you to answer some questions in order to redirect you to the correct department, make sure your voice is clear and there is no background noise.
  • Be friendly on the phone, it’s most probable that the agent you are speaking to had a busy day answering phone calls and didn’t keep you waiting for no reason. Avoiding an argument with the agent will help you get some answers to your problem quicker.
  • Make sure you have asked all the questions you needed before you complete the call.